Guest bloggers often must market themselves by contacting multiple websites and webmasters to publish their content. This can be a hectic job and may take a lot of time. Guest bloggers invest much of their time and energies to bring out the best of their written content, but what if no one is ever willing to publish it? Sounds discouraging no? This guide here highlights all that you need to do as a guest blogger!

Who is a guest blogger?

Guests bloggers are bloggers who write content to be published on a third-party website as per to promote their persona as well as the brand with whom they are associated with.
Here’s how to begin your guest blogging journey:

Know your intent

It is important for you to set goals before that you plan your blog. A blogger may have multiple agendas but he or she needs to be sure that why must a website publish their work. You may want to increase traffic on your blog, but what if the website you want to get your work published on does not provide a redirect button? Similarly, if you want backlinks for your website and the guest blogging policy clearly mentions that no such action will be done? Hence, before that you start writing and search for a guest blogging platform, know your purpose!

List down the opportunities

Once that you are sure about the purpose of your content, look up for websites that may add value to your guest blogging practices. For this you need to analyse few things which are; does the website support your niche? Does the website support guest blogging?
It might also be a difficult task to search out relevant websites for guest blogging, to do so you can conduct keyword-based searches and explore already existing blogs. Dig into the categories to know whether your blogs might fit in or not.
Next, you need to know if your selected websites support guest blogging, to do so you need to investigate their existing blogs for any guest blogger being mentioned. Moreover, search out the website for any guest blogging guidelines. These guidelines may also be mentioned on company’s business profiles if not directly on the website.

Write a well-informed proposal

After that the websites have been finalised, they now need to be contacted in a very formal and well-informed way. For this you must be clear about your purpose and content. Your proposal must consist of an attractive subject line followed by a well-compiled meta description and moreover, why this blog and you as a writer are beneficial for the website. Your proposal must be convincing as per to motivate the webmaster to accept your offer. Your blog to the website, must act as one important missing ingredient from a recipe, which once found adds the desired flavour.

Get ready to post

With a convincing proposal you will surely get a reply soon, after which you need to buckle up to compile your content. But do not forget to follow the guest blogging guidelines that you dug into before sending the proposal. Vigilantly follow them and produce a crisp blog with contemporary information and statistics. While doing so, also make your content SEO centric to avoid any loopholes in lead generation.

Create a strong bond

Websites love guest bloggers who bring in leads. Once that you are on board you need to be focused towards this aspect. Make efforts to increase views on your blog, for this try out social media platforms and ask around in your circle to give your blog a good read. This will automatically increase traffic on the website that your now affiliated with. Hence, you will get more opportunities to write for the website and create a strong long-lasting bond.
Guest bloggers often are reluctant while contacting websites after constant disappointment, this guide has got you covered! Need more motivation to become a guest blogger? Comment below!

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