A SEO guide for link building

As per experts, search engine optimisation depends on three major players; content, user experiences and links. All these are interlinked and surely play a vital role in ranking a website on search engine.
Link building is one of the major players among these three that benefit a website in terms of search engine optimisation. But what is link building all about? Here is all that you need to know!

What is link building and how it may benefit a website in SEO?

Link building better to be named as link earning is the practice to earn valuable links for a website to help it get noticed by search engines as a credible, trustworthy source. These links are inbound, commonly known as external or backlinks that play a prominent part in search engine optimisation.
Search engine optimisation is all about adapting relevant practices to get a website noticed on search engines. Google’s search quality rater guidelines put great emphasis on expert, authoritative and trustworthy E-A-T attributes that a website must have. Hence, webmasters follow Google’s well drafted SEO guidelines do to so but let us tell you how a search engine notices a website with relevance to backlinks.
Search engine looks up for a healthy mixture of backlinks on websites to analyse its credibility and trustworthiness as per E-A-T. Backlinks act as vote of confidence for a website, but this does not absolutely mean to over crowd your website with unnatural spammy links only to get noticed. This may lead to penalty!

A healthy mixture of backlinks is all what you need but how to get them?

A credible website is expected to be linked to links from other credible websites. Similarly, if a website is linked to spammy unnatural links it may be regarded as a spammy website. Just as the phrase suggests ‘A man is known by the company he keeps.’ Hence, a quality website may only have credible quality weighed links linked to its website.
A healthy mixture of backlinks on the other hand refers to a mixture of credible ‘follow’ links as well as other not so credible ‘no follow’ links. At many times a webmaster may have to add not so credible or out of niche links to its website, but by regarding them as ‘no follow’ links, they can prevent a search engine from using it to analyse its website. Such mixture of links can help a website to rank on search engine but remember the links are to be EARNED!

How are links earned?

Earned links are pages that want to willingly link to your website due to its content quality and are naturally added links. Therefore, content is very important in terms of attracting natural links to your website. A website’s content must be crisp and complete with respect to user generated queries to attract more links. Already existing content can also be redesigned to attract similar leads as it once had. By redesigning we mean to use new channels to deliver content, make a video for YouTube by using content you once added on your blog, this helps you find links. A website must attract links from its niche and relevant websites to get healthy links and mark its prominence on search engines.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Link Building for SEO.

Earn links!
Bring qualified traffic to your website
Get a healthy mix of ‘no follow’ and ‘follow’ links
Benefit from topic relevant sources
Do not buy links!
Avoid link exchanging
Say no to low-quality directory links

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