Facebook with almost 2.5 billion active users enables great outreach for its marketers and advertisers. The advertising potential outreach on Facebook is over to 2 billion users, incredible isn’t it? 

As a marketer, you will find the best Facebook marketing campaigns and that too with multiple customisation options that truly fit your advertising needs. However, marketers often confuse Facebook advertising formats with marketing campaign types, which is not right. Facebook lets its marketers utilise the following advertising formats:

  • Photo Ads

Photo Ads consist of high-quality images with taglines to motivate people to perform a task or make a purchase. These ads are the far easiest advertising format you will find on Facebook. Moreover, these Ads are embedded with links or CTAs- call to action buttons- to enable the aimed objective. 

  • Video Ads

Video Ads are self-explanatory advertisements that help to create awareness. These advertisements have no role in video views but are just designed to elaborate functionality or features of a product or services. 

  • Slideshow Ads

These Ads are auto play montages with added texts and transitions to gain the attention of users. Such ads are also embedded with CTAs to achieve a goal. The slideshow ads work perfectly when high quality, visually appealing images are used.  

  • Canvas Ads

Canvas Ads are full screen advertisements designed for brand awareness. These ads appear as microsites and enable users to scroll, swipe and tap. The combination of CTAs and text removes the need for users to switch off the app. 

  • Carousel Ads

The Carousel Ads are an expensive type of ads with a variety of product images and with their relevant CTAs shown as slidable cards. Each card links users to different webpages to enable a task and lead conversion easier. 

  • Dynamic Product Ads

These types of ads are dynamic and automatically customised according to user’s preferences and interest. These ads only show active users the products that they once showed interest in purchasing by visiting an e-store. Such ads are great to enable sales. 

These were all the creative advertisement formats that Facebook offers but most importantly an advertiser needs to know and understand the Ad Objectives. Facebook Marketing Campaigns are based on three major types of objectives:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

All these advertisement objectives and advertisement formats collectively form the best Facebook marketing campaigns to generate revenue for a business. These three ad objectives are diverse and consist of further classification:


Awareness Objective Advertisements are provided by Facebook to make advertiser’s task easier to target masses. This includes:

  • Brand Awareness

Advertisements designed with brand awareness objectives are used to make people aware of a brand, its products and services. 

  • Reach

These ads are designed to target masses and reach the maximum number of users to raise awareness towards a brand or cause. 

Advertisements with awareness objectives are great to increase brand awareness and promote the true image of a brand so that people tend to recognise it. This is surely the first step to run in the race of generating revenue because without people knowing your brand, they might never purchase anything associated with it. The goal is to efficiently use this type of advertising to gain customer trust and confidence. 


Consideration Objective Advertisements are essential to be used once that effective brand awareness is created. These advertisements are created keeping in mind certain goals and aims that majorly consist of lead conversion to later generate revenue. These include:

  • Traffic

Advertisements are designed to manipulate users to visit certain webpages to get their queries answered. The CTR (click-through rate) is used to derive out results and data capture to analyse potential customers. 

  • Engagement

The goal of these types of ads is to increase engagement with the company or brand. Such ads are designed to increase page likes, post engagement, get people to claim certain offers and attend events advertised on Facebook. Multiple ad formats can be used to encourage Facebook engagement. 

  • App Installs 

With these advertisements, the targeted audience is encouraged to install mobile applications. These ads consist of CTAs that create an easy instant channel for users by navigating them to app stores. 

  • Video Views

Such ads are designed and run to increase views on a video that may be uploaded on some other platform such as YouTube. These are also embedded with CTAs for real-time navigation of users to the relevant page carrying the video. 

  • Lead Generation

These advertisements are followed by lead generation forms on Facebook, where users can fill out the information and contact a company or brand. The goal for lead generation is to later increase return over investment by targeting potential customers who show interest in a company’s products and services. 

  • Messages

Message campaigns are run to directly send advertising messages to Facebook Messenger of users. This type of campaign is a great way to make your customers feel valued by individually targeting them. This increases the chances of gaining customers. 

The consideration advertisements are all aimed to motivate Facebook users to be part of a certain activity merely to generate revenue. This type of advertising is only essential when you have targeted the right audience after using Facebook’s demographic filters. Moreover, the aim is to show your followers the best that you have in your company, thus it is vital to promote prime content that enables lead conversion. In other words, show Facebook users something that they can not resist. 


Conversion Objective Advertisements are designed to precisely achieve a goal. These ads are aimed to land a user right in between the revenue generation funnel, which means that the user directly enters the funnel where it is one step away from making a purchase. These types include:

  • Conversions

These advertisements are set up to increase lead conversion on a website rather than just increasing engagement and traffic. Lead conversion is referred to sales generated by successful social media campaigns by using CTAs (call to action) buttons. Such advertisements are only charged when certain action takes place on a website by clicking the call to action button embedded on the advertisements. 

  • Product Catalogue Sales

These ads are designed to deliver product information with embedded CTAs (call to action) button that redirects leads to your online stores. This is a direct lead conversion practice which eventually increases ROI (return over investment). Facebook is exclusively set to only to consider this campaign a success if certain sales take place.

  • Store Visit

Data capture of how many people visit an online store is attributed to ads. These advertisements aim to increase lead conversion. Moreover, lead conversion rates are then monitored and compared against store visits to analyse the success of this campaign. 

Facebook Marketing Campaigns are only a success when objectives are considered alongside the type of advertising format and vice versa. Both factors together create the Best Facebook Marketing Campaigns for a company or brand. An advertiser needs to know the aim of the marketing campaign to run exclusive ads for a successful campaign. 

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