Compelling Features of An Ecommerce Website for Great User Experience

Every website consists of some unique set of features that enable us to differentiate between them based on our user experience. No matter what genre, a website must be developed to be able to provide prime user experience to maintain a lower bounce rate.
Ecommerce websites are one of a kind as they are meant to be used as an online store to enable sale and purchase. These websites are critical in terms of design and features. An ecommerce website must be able to provide great user experience to stand out among rest and make online trading easy.
Here are some compelling features that an ecommerce website must have to assure great user experience.

User friendly interface

An ecommerce website is always complex in terms of its usability; hence it is important for the development team to bring out features that make website easy to use. Such features consist of but are not limited to CTAs-call to action buttons that enable real time functionalities.
However, the key to success while creating an ecommerce website is simplicity. The simpler your website appears to be, more easily can customers navigate goods and make purchases by using it. An ecommerce website must have separate categories and tabs displaying goods and products with clearly mentioned names to make navigation easy. Moreover, products and goods sections must have filters enabled making it easy for the users to sort them out according to their will. Your website’s outlook should be uncomplicated and understandable so that no user feels befuddled before performing an action.

Mobile Responsive Interface

With technology growing at a very fast pace, people of this contemporary age, tend to rely over smartphones more than traditional desktops or laptops. The reason being, mobile phones are evolving technologically at a very fast pace and are handy gadgets we always carry along. With mobile responsive versions of your ecommerce website you give your business multiple opportunities to grow.
Walmart was able to boost its sales by 98% after optimising its website into a mobile responsive version. With a mobile friendly version of your ecommerce website you allow them to make purchases on the go no matter where they are or what they are doing.

Noteworthy Special Offer and Sale Tabs

What can attract a purchaser better than a sale banner or special offer slider flashing every now and then? By adding a prominent special offer or sale tab on your ecommerce website you can attract every user visiting your website. No matter for what products they came in to fetch for they will surely open the special offer tab to view products available on sale. This is will surely increase possibilities of business for your brand, after all people tend to buy what they see.

Compatibility with High Resolution Media

An ecommerce website without media is nothing but a website developed to increase analysis paralysis and bounce rate. Better product images mean more ways to attract customers to shop online. By making your ecommerce website HD compatible and optimising it to load images in real-time you open your website to multiple business prospects.
Poor quality images can never attract customers online to make purchase via your website. Not just this, even if you are using video tutorials along with your products but the quality is poor, no one might ever become interested in shopping from your e-store.
A well-developed ecommerce website must have multiple pictures of a product and that too in good quality to make online sales possible.

Product Review Section

Just as people tend to make purchase decisions by looking at images, their decision-making power depends even more on what people say about a product or service. To inform people about what others say about a product you need to add product review sections to your product display pages. User generated reviews act like a social proof. An ecommerce website must have persuasive powers to motivate its users to shop online and this section can surely do it for you.

Wish List

Often, we tend to view products online and like them but due to certain reasons lack the buying power. This is when we plan to save these products for later, but what if an ecommerce website that we are using does not provide with any such feature? Disappointing wont it be?
By adding wish lists to your ecommerce website, you give your users the power to bookmark products for later. This is an instant way for generating social proofs for your website, if more people tend to add a product to their wish list, product demand increases. Not just this but wish lists open multiple opportunities for remarketing.
Users at times, forget what they had once added to their wish list but by having them flashing on the side banners you can directly target sales by remarketing products the user was once interested in.

Detailed Checkout Page

A detailed checkout page is all that a user needs to be sure about what he or she has purchased. Checkout pages of an ecommerce website must be detailed to avoid any confusion of balance. This means that such pages must have complete information of products purchased; their code, their price, any discounts if applicable, delivery charges if any, the address mentioned for delivery, shipment relevant dates and the total amount to be paid. Further on, the checkout page must clearly display the payment options-either COD or Payment by card, that have been chosen to avoid any confusions.

Related Products Sections

Such sections are very important for an ecommerce website to boost sales. Such websites often show ‘you may like’ sections that have products relevant to user’s prior preferences. The product lists in these sections are generated by considering sales of products by other users with similar preferences. This helps an ecommerce website match product with consumer psyche and remarket goods effectively.

Secure website

Many online users are reluctant while shopping online, the reason being doubts towards an online store’s security and risk to data breaches. An ecommerce website due its critical usage and pivotal data being used needs to be secure no matter what.
It must be secured with a Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL) to secure connectivity. Three types of SSL are available; Extended Validation (EV SSL), Organization Validated (OV SSL) and Domain Validated (DV SSL) which enable different sets of verification. Two-way authentication is another way of allowing secure website usage. This extra layer of security generates an automated code carrying email after that a user tries to log in his or her account using an email and password registered on a website.
Other important security features include firewall and privacy policy links.With an active firewall only authorised traffic can make way to your website eliminating any risks of malware. Whereas an ecommerce website with a clearly mentioned privacy policy, assures its users that their data will not be shared with any third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even in this age, online purchases require confidence. To build trust you need to be in conversation with your users. An ecommerce website must be able to answer all user generated queries, hence frequently asked questions are a great way out. Despite having product and shipment details on your website, this extra section with information can add credibility to your ecommerce website and give answers to all expected user concerns.

Customer Support Services

Besides FAQs, customer support services on an ecommerce website are another way of building trust and eliminating any ambiguities in user’s minds. To make this process real time, live chat options can make a massive difference. No matter on what page the user is, he or she can get in touch with an agent any time to get instant responses. This way the user may never get confused and the process of online shopping will become smooth. With an excellent customer support plan, you can remove all possibilities of users leaving in between the process of making a purchase.
Ecommerce websites make great business by providing their users with quality user experiences. All these features are the must haves of an ecommerce website to make it big in the market. Want to learn more about these? Comment below!

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