Google creates new possibilities for websites to gain leads via image SEO

Google’s changing dynamics help provide its user with optimum user search experience, but this often affects website traffic. In 2013 google updated its image search section adding a ‘view image’ button. This button helped users view high quality images and save them without visiting the website directly. This helped users in most of its ways but lead to a decrease of 63% leads on websites.
Lately in 2018, Google removed the ‘view image’ button from its image search section creating new possibilities for image search engine optimisation. With google making such changes, users must view the original image on the website as per to get access to its full quality. This little change resulted in an increase of organic image traffic by massive 37%! Before that you think of any complications, let us tell you how…

How does image search engine optimization work for google?

Search engines like google use intelligent Application Programming Interface (API) as well as meta data provided by websites to understand what an image shows and where to make it appear in the searches. Hence webmasters are advised to use appropriate lead centric keywords as metadata to make search engine recognize their website images and rank them according to user searches. The well drafted and defined your metadata be, the more it may appear in most of the searches.
Keywords in case of image search engine optimisation do not solely play as the master key card. Your website’s titles and descriptions add a lot to lead generation but moreover, API technologies help Google decode what an image truly shows. This helps google to rightly rank your image in relevant word searches according to what elements it shows. A beautiful scenery with metadata ‘beautiful, scenery’ may not only appear in search queries with these two words but also appear in searches with ‘green’, ‘peaceful’, ‘birds, etc according to what Google finds in your image.
So now that images from websites appear in most of google searches you get more chances to gain traffic on your website. Here’s where the image search engine optimisation game begins!

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