8 Graphic Designing Tactics to Help Your Branding

Branding can be critical in terms of bringing forward the true brand awareness and brand image. Branding today requires a lot of efforts especially when the world is now deliberately shifting to digital world. Digital devices are handy and so is information always available. Hence, to connect with majorities you now need a digital strategy to keep up with the pace.
Branding today has directly or indirectly become dependant on graphic designing. This is due to increase in usage of digital devices and mediums. One must be aware of graphic designing tactics to implement them in their branding strategies. Without efficient use of graphic designing you may not be able to bring out the best for your brand. In other words, graphic designing and branding today go hand in hand.
Here are all the powerful graphic designing tactics to help your branding plan stand out among rest.

Create and impactful logo

Every brand needs a significant brand identity to be used to make people remember your brand. Such a brand identity is labelled as logo which needs to be authentic and deliver what you have in your company or brand. Logos can be iconic! Something that marks your presence in people’s minds.
A logo does not need to be complex as per to provide the right meaning, a company’s logo may just be its name’s first letter created in a complimenting font type or a pair of socks nicely aligned. Logos are a great way to add value to your branding and you’re your brand look credible.

Play with a tagline

Incorporating your tagline with your logo can be great way to further enhance your brand image. When a logo is self-explanatory, people get to know what the brand is all about. Hence, adding a tagline somewhere besides a logo can be great help in using graphic designing with branding.
Similarly, branding is not just about a logo, but a complete brand image achieved by consistent marketing. To do so you will need ads and other relevant social media graphics to bring out the desired branding outcomes. Even here, taglines can play a great part! Add tagline to your ads and social media graphics to create impact.

Make it eco-friendly

With changing world dynamics and increasing global warming people have now started to prefer eco-friendly goods and highly appreciate green campaigns. By green we do not mean green in terms of colour, but a campaign that creates awareness among people towards adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. You may design and create various marketing tools by recycling them. For instance, utilise recycled paper and raise awareness towards a no plastic lifestyle. You can efficiently use graphics and infographics with eco-friendly colour schemes to revamp your branding style.

Go for the happy times

Use images of happier times in your marketing campaign. Create a good mood, bring back memories so that people can relate with your brand. This also helps people to affiliate a positive image or perception with your brand. Graphics can help you set the right mood of your branding campaigns

Choose the right colours

Colours can create a lot of difference in a branding strategy. Each colour signifies a message or psychology. Hence you need a colour palette fit for your brand ideology. Your colours will then start defining you once that you start using a single colour palette. You colour palette must consist of your logo colours as well as colours that complement them. Not all shades of a single colour will make a difference, but complimenting shades will. Similarly, while designing ads and social media graphics, you need to use contrasting colours so that one graphic element separates from the other.

Consider multiple platforms

When creating a marketing campaign for social media, as a graphic designer, do not forget to consider multiple platforms. Every social media platform considers different layouts and dimensions when it comes to uploading images. Due to this you need to create graphics using layouts that fit every social media platform’s requirement.
Not just to consider the dimensions, also consider the text alignment. Creating a single graphic for all platforms might be the easiest way out, just to be on the safe side try aligning your text in the centre.

Pick the right Typeface and Font

Just as colours can change your marketing strategy’s mood, typeface and fonts can do the same. A bold font may be used to depict authority whereas a slant typeface will be more relevant with art. Once that you make the right choice with fonts make sure that it is readable enough when used in a graphic or infographic. Moreover, stay consistent with the typeface throughout your branding journey once that you have made a choice.

Make responsive designs

Just as your graphics and images need to fit every social media platform’s layout so do, they need to fit every screen. In this age, more people tend to access media over mobile phones than on traditional mediums, this creates greater difficulty for marketers and graphic designers. Smart phones have various screen dimensions and resolutions and a good graphic must be able to look perfect in all.
Branding can be a tricky job but with a good graphic designer in hand you can do much! Don’t hesitate to experiment but do not forget these 8 graphic designing tactics which will help you. Got any queries? Feel free to ask below!

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