Best Practices for Great Product Photography You Cannot Afford to Miss

With growing online business and ecommerce platforms the need of fine captured product photographs has massively increased. No one can make big in the market unless and until they outperform with their product photography. Whether eye catching billboards or online advertisements, all require something in them to attract the customers and that surely is great product photography.
Today, almost 93% population’s purchase decision power depends on what they see, so what good products you plan to show them? To show products in the most attractive ways you need to be a pro at product photography. It may seem difficult as you may not find time in this busy age to attend a photography school, but just a little focus and planning can do all the magic.

Product Photography Practices You Cannot Afford to Miss

Product photography may sound like a very sophisticated inflexible task, but that’s not like it, you have lots and lots of margin to experiment and bring out great results. Follow these amazing tips to make your product photography stand out in this cutthroat market.

Know your Gadget

Before that you start off to capture some great products, know your gadget. By this it means to know what capabilities and features your gadget has. Not just DSLRs but phones today, especially iPhones have the capacity of producing HD pictures. While an iPhone may come off with great set of settings and features a DSLR holds some technicalities. An iPhone may automatically adjust its camera with the environment but a DSLR may have some set of boundaries.
Hence, while making a choice with a DSLR for your product photography learn about its basics. The basics include all that an exposure triangle holds; Aperture settings, ISO-sensitivity of image sensor and Shutter speed. One must be familiar with what ranges of the following does their DSLR hold to make the perfect combination of settings while adjusting your camera to the environment.

Use suitable lighting

Lighting plays a very important role in giving your product photography the aesthetic touch that it needs to make waves in the market. Lighting can create a lot of difference; a white background may clearly appear grey in a photograph if appropriate lighting isn’t used.
In product photography you get to see two types of lighting being used to capture some great clicks. One being natural light while the other one being artificial light.
Natural light is mostly used while capturing products outdoors or the ones closely placed besides a window if shooting indoors. Natural light gives you a lot of room to experiment but also restricts you with the positioning and shadows. Natural light is a great way to make products appear appealing in their natural environment.
Artificial lights on the other hand are used to capture products in a more formal set up usually when a plain white or black background is being used. This is utilised to bring out appropriate colours of the products being captured indoors. Photographers tend to utilise artificial lights while capturing product photographs for Google and Amazon to match their standards.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

To follow rule of thirds is a great way to capture professionally aligned photographs. This means that the elements being shown in the pictures are proportionally placed to create symmetry and make the product look attractive. By following the rule of thirds, you divide your frame in nine equals vertically and horizontally to capture products in the right proportion for great photographs. Optimal practice is to position your products on the points where two lines intersect as it is analysed that a viewer while viewing an image does not directly focus on the centre.

Utilise a Tripod

No matter how professional you are with your photography skills, your hands may get shaky while operating a camera. To avoid blurry images and save time, it is essential for you to use a tripod. Utilising a tripod may sound a bit too technical, but it is the simplest way to capture great pictures.
Moreover, by using a tripod you can easily capture multiple similar pictures of the same angle by just switching products whereas your camera stays still. No matter what gadget you plan to use, tripods are readily available in the market.

Choose the most appropriate backgrounds

Just as you have two options while choosing between what type of light to use, product photography also gives two variances in backgrounds to choose from. Product photography is often done by bringing plain backgrounds in use, especially a white background. This is to make product highly prominent with all its features in light. While shooting for ecommerce platforms white background is highly preferred.
The other way around is to go with in-context product photography where you get the opportunity to experiment with backgrounds and shoot a product in its natural environment or it being used. This surely adds to the value of the product. Such product photography is done to be used on platforms such as Instagram where B2C approach is way greater than any other social media platform.

Make Little Details Pop Out

By bringing product photography in hand, make little details of your products pop out. But how to do this? The answer is angles! Its all in the angles, the more you experiment with the angles the more possibilities you explore to make your product look attractive and make its features bulge out. The optimum way for experimenting with angles is to use a tripod.

Edit to create magic

The pictures that you capture, may appear to look great but editing can make a lot of difference. It can give your product photography a master touch that it may lack otherwise.
While capturing product images you must keep in mind that you have a lot of margin in the editing part. Use tools like photoshop to adjust out contrast and many other picture properties to make it look like a masterpiece.
Product photography can make your brand appear as one of the finest brands in the market. You have a lot of room to bring out great results, so what are you waiting for, get your hands on your camera and start clicking! Need to learn more? Comment below now!

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