You must not have heard about long form content lately, but it is one efficient practice to make SEO working. Search engine optimisation requires marketers to adopt white hat practices to enable website ranking on the SERPs-search engine result pages. One of the common white hat practices includes long form content creation.
This guide will let you know what long form content is and how it may impact SEO. Here is all that you need to know…

What is Long Form Content?

Long form content is lengthier pieces of writings which usually means blogs, articles and e-books. But what word count is essential for long form content? Many marketers think that chunky content attracts readers, it is true but not for all word counts.

According to the editor of Quartz, ideal long form content must be greater than 800 words. The research claims that any content between 500-800 words does not work well to attract users but one greater than 800 words or less than 500 words caters more readership no matter what the platform. In other researches, marketers often denote that ideal long form content for blogs must be maximum of 1200 to 2000 word count whereas e-books must have no specific limits.

Long form content can get you much more of what you want digitally.

How Does Long Form Content Impacts SEO?

Long form content has a lot of potentials to impact SEO as a white hat practice. Long form content is a mix of greater word count and lets users get much out of it. Not just users but marketers with the creation of long form content get a greater margin of experimenting and increasing reach. Learn how long form content impacts SEO:


Long form content is often ranked higher in the SERPs-search engine result pages due to their comprehensive nature. The reason why these are ranked higher is the quality of information these provide and the type of content which adds value to the user’s knowledge. The long form content must not be created to be ranked higher but must be created in a planned form so that it adds real value to the reader’s understanding. Search engines do crawl into pages and understand what it really has in it, thus, you cannot play with the dragged content but rather need to produce some quality compilations.

Increase Time on The Site:

Long form content is comprehensive and must be written with the aim of engaging readers. The more time they spend on your website while reading the long form content, the more it adds to the chances of being ranked on the SERPs-search engine result pages. The more time a reader spends on the website while reading content, the more it is likely to build their trust in your business and brand. Long form content not just builds trust but also dramatically reduces bounce rate.

Social Media Success:

Sharing of blogs and e-books on social media can let you gain much more shares and likes on social media. Moreover, selling e-books can bring in great success for your brand or business.

Blogs can be the quality food for your social media platforms and dramatically increase the content reach. Long form content if shared on social media, can help you enable redirection and consequently acquire website traffic.

Sense of Authority:

With the creation of long form content, you can trigger the sense of authority. The reader who will choose to read your content will realise that you have the right knowledge to answer their queries. When you compile content for readers, you keep them in mind and motivate them to act in a certain way, as if nothing is beyond what you are asking them to do and they have no other option than to follow those guidelines.
Search engines rank content that has the right tone and information. Thus, you must position yourself as a knowledgeable educator.

Evergreen Content:

Not just search engines but for users also love evergreen content that adds value to their lives now and then. Creating evergreen content is an essential white hat SEO practice as search engines value content that helps its users. With long form content, you get great margin to write on evergreen topics with a well-planned content structure. You can add as many statistics and case studies you want with multiple strategies to give your long form content the evergreen touch. With evergreen long form content, you can easily make way to the search engine result pages at higher positions.
Long form content impacts SEO in multiple positive ways but what elements can help you create the ideal long form content? Learn here…

Tips for Creating High Quality Long Form Content

Long form content means greater word count, but this does not mean to pour in senseless words. To create high quality long form content, follow the following rules and be on the safe side!


Take good time to plan the long form content. Firstly, look up for evergreen topics and later get into the research phase. During the research phase you must look out for strategies, statistics and demographics to back up your topic and deliver the best possible information through your content. You may also go for extensive research and generate case studies by examining areas related to your chosen topic, this way you will be able to compile long form content backed by proofs.

Solve Problems:

The long form content that you create must solve the reader’s problems. The content you compile must be able to answer multiple queries of the users who chose your long form content and gave it a read. It should be complete in all aspects and must not give birth to other ambiguities.
To add value with your content simply refers to providing answers to the user.

Do Not Drag:

To achieve a good number of words, marketers often use irrelevant content and facts, and this is not a good practice. You do not have to drag content by adding irrelevant words and phrases just to increase the word limit. With extensive research, you will not face such problems and will have ample information to write and hook the readers.

Images and Infographics:

Huge chunks of content will take you nowhere. A reader might take out time to go through your compiled content but will get instantly bored if they only get to see text. This is where you need to use images and infographics to make the content layout look lighter than just dense words. Images can further enhance the way your content copy looks like.

Long form content impacts SEO and has a lot of potential for websites to get ranked on the SERPs-search engine result pages. Content marketing strategy is indeed a great way to market your business and is greatly preferred by marketers across the globe.
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