No matter what type of website, a webmaster will always assess its performance based on the conversion rate. Remember that conversion rate is not always sales! It can be any favourable action which adds value to the business or matters associated with it. A website’s landing page plays an important role in converting leads and making an action possible. In other words, great user experience from a good landing page will help convert more leads, thus a landing page that converts is all that a website owner needs to elevate its business or work.

What is a landing page?

To understand a landing page better here is what you need to know.
A landing page is the one on which users land after that they click a certain link to perform a certain action. This redirection of traffic to a website can be from a search engine or social media. A landing page must be able to facilitate a user to perform an action for which he or she chose to visit the website.
A landing page can be a website’s homepage, contact us page or any other where the action needs to take place. A landing page that converts simultaneously adds to business growth.
Here is what you need to know about a landing page that converts:

  • Crisp, Concise and Impactful Content

What catches a website user attention or informs them about the website’s purpose? Content? Yes, you are right!
Content plays a vital role in attracting users and making them understand the purpose of the website, it moreover, helps them navigate their way through the process of conversion. An impactful headline, a sub-headline and informative content is all you need to influence a user’s decision-making power. Here is why
An impactful headline
An impactful headline on the slider of the website can do magic! It can easily impact minds and help them understand what they will find on the website. Similarly, if the landing page is for a blog and the goal is to attract leads for the live session, a headline must target those leads. an impactful headline should be clear and attracting.
Sub Headline
Sometimes a headline isn’t just enough to grab user attention and convert them, this is when you need a solid but concise sub-headline to further elaborate your aim and convert leads.
Informative Content
The first and essential goal of a customer journey is to create awareness. Whether it be an event, magazine subscription or sales, a website user will only convert if he has confidence in your brand or business. To build trust, you must tell them about your business for which you need informative content that can influence them and create a true brand image.

  • Pain and Pleasure

What do humans want to avoid? The pain it is! We as human beings try to bring everything in practice that helps to reduce or eliminate our pain. You can use this human nature to convert leads.
With your content, inform your website users about the offer that you have made. You need to tell them what they might miss by declining the offer and what they will gain once that they choose to opt for it. The key is simple, let them know about the pain they can let go and the pleasure that they can choose to live with.

  • The K.I.S.S metrics

Keep it simple stupid! This isn’t just for a graphic designer but also equally calls out all the web developers and UI, UX designers. You must not overload the landing page with content or elements, the goal is to keep it simple and engaging. A simple design means an easy to use website.
The content must provide all the important information but must not overburden a user with it and this similarly works with the design.

  • Call to Action

This is the most important feature of a landing page that converts. To make conversions possible, you need CTA’s – Call to action buttons to make actions possible. These buttons must attract website users! Keep these features in mind while designing a CTA:
Contrasting Colours
The call to action must be designed in a contrasting colour from its background so that it pops out and catches attention. Similarly, the text on the CTA must be in a contrasting colour to the button, so that readability increases.
Impactful Copy
The text on the CTA must be clear and impactful so that users do not hesitate while clicking it and performing an action.
The placement of the CTA matters as much as its designing. CTA must be placed at a prominent position on the landing page to allow conversions.

  • Responsive Layout

What if a user tries to access a website from its mobile browser? Is your website mobile responsive? These questions often bring out an answer to why conversions are not taking place.
For better conversions, you need a responsive design. A landing page that converts leads must have a responsive design to provide the ideal user experience.

  • Visual Content

A human’s visual retention is approximately 60,000 times better than texts. Thus, use high-quality relevant visuals on the landing page to attract users and make the conversion possible. Add products and services images to influence minds towards your set goals.

  • Social Proof

People today make purchases and subscribe to services that have loads of good reviews. Therefore, you need to flaunt your social proof on the landing page to enable conversions. By adding reviews and testimonials you can bring in a lot of conversions.
A landing page is essential for successful lead conversions. It is all about how your users find your landing page and understand its purpose. Creating a landing page that converts isn’t difficult, just analyse elements and features to put forward the best you have! Start by implementing these seven essentials.
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