You may have heard of Pinterest or have seen a sparkling red P icon on websites and social media platforms list. Ever tried accessing it? If yes, then you better know what the world of Pinterest looks like. Its all visual, aesthetics and informative!
Pinterest may not be a popular social media platform but has a lot of potentials to increase website traffic. A business owner may never consider Pinterest as a beneficial lead generating website but if worked right, one can easily increase website traffic with Pinterest. But first, they need to set up a Pinterest business account.

How to Setup a Pinterest Business Account

How to Setup a Pinterest Business Account
Follow this first easy step to begin the process of increasing website traffic with Pinterest:
Create a Pinterest Business Account.
1. Log into your existing personal Pinterest account and click on the three dots beside the profile icon on the top right.
2. Click Add a free business profile
3. Fill out details in the forms that appear on the screen, you need to add:

  • Business description
  • Advertising interest
  •  Business name
  •  Business type

4. Optional details:

  • Business website
  • Business email
  • Claim your other socials i.e. Instagram, YouTube etc
  • You may import boards from your personal account

5. Create pins and begin!
If you do not have a personal account and need to create a new business account to increase website traffic with Pinterest, you need to follow these steps instead:
1. Access pinterest.com/business/create/
2. Fill out the following details:

  • Email and password
  • Business name
  • Business type

3. Click create account and begin!
Now that you have a Pinterest business account, you can begin with the process of increasing website traffic by following these strategies:

How to Increase Website Traffic with Pinterest

Since Pinterest is all about visuals, analyse what content on your website can be linked to it. In this case, blogs play a great role as they contain images the can be pinned on Pinterest. This way a user gets to view images pinned on your business account board and can easily access the blog linked to it. Similar is the case with recipes product catalogues, once that these are linked to Pinterest, people can redirect to your business website. Here is what you need to do!

Validate the Website with Pinterest

Pinterest uses Facebook Open Graph metadata to link blogs to the pins and validate your website. Thus, make sure that Open Graph is enabled on your blog and then validate your site with Pinterest. To enable open graph metadata, plugins such as Open Graph, Yoast SEO etc can help you.
By enabling Open graph metadata, you can also enable sharing of content for users, this will be discussed late in this blog.

Create Pinnable Content

What attracts followers? Unique content, isn’t it? This is the ultimate key, you need to create unique attractive content (visuals) to drive followers crazy. Your pins are the only things that can increase the reach of your Pinterest account and simultaneously increase website traffic.
Since you will be pinning images to redirect traffic to blogs and website, do not use deceiving visuals. Post images that truly describe your business and the blog that it is being linked to. This way followers will access pins and get redirected to the website.

Setup Pins to Redirect

While adding pins on Pinterest you get an option to add URLs to the pins. This will embed links to the pins and redirect traffic to the website when someone clicks over. New users often do not find this important, but this has a lot to do with redirection of traffic to the website. One can also edit previously added pins to add URLs to them by accessing the Edit option.
Adding source to the pin is a simple fix that can help you increase website traffic with Pinterest.

One Tap Campaigns

An essential way of driving traffic is social media advertising. Pinterest lets you create ads and make them live according to your goals. By creating ads, you create one-tap campaigns, where users can easily click anywhere on the pin and access the source link. This is a great way to redirect Pinterest traffic to the website. Follow these guidelines to create an ad campaign on Pinterest:
1. Click Ads, from your business account
2. Access Create Ads
3. Choose an object that defines your campaign goal
4. Define a campaign name
5. Apply spend limits that best suits your budget plan.
6. Click continue and then click launch once that all setups are done.
If you do not click continue or launch after adding information for creating ads, your work will be lost, and you will have to repeat the steps again.

Allow Users to Pin from the Website

By allowing users to pin directly from the website, your content reaches out to other boards on Pinterest, increasing the chance of gaining more followers. When content reaches out to masses, it creates more possibilities of website traffic increase due to the embedded source. While you develop your website, do not forget to use a social media share plugin to embed call to action buttons on content.
The Pinterest share buttons on images will help users instantly share your content on their boards on Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics

Just as other social media business accounts allow users to see and analyse insights on the dashboard, Pinterest works the same way. Business account holders on Pinterest, get to view and analyse all the account insights to help users design campaigns and modify pins.
On the Pinterest dashboard, with its extended features, you can easily see what pins are performing the best and which ones are actively redirecting traffic to the website. By knowing your best, you can replicate content and create visuals that value the user’s interest. The aim is to efficiently use Pinterest analytics, see what works great for your business and use it for your advantage.

Pinterest is, without doubt, the best platform to increase website traffic, especially for blogs. Just follow some technical steps, appropriate pins and ad formats to make things work. You might not see instant results, but your practices will surely increase website traffic with Pinterest.
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