Why do people switch to digital marketing and e-stores? The answer is simple, they want to sell! Business owners today happily adopt digital marketing strategies with the urge to gain better revenue. But they often don’t understand how to sell online.

When a business owner says he owns a business what he means is that he is in the business of selling certain products or services. Thus, to make this happen, he needs to now market those products and services and sell them to generate profit. So, to cut it short, to sell online means to market online!

With this guide, you will learn how to sell online the right way, so let’s begin with the first step…

1. Call Out to Your Audience

Selling online is done via landing pages which means the website. To make things work, you need to focus on calling out your audience right on the front of the landing page. You need to address the audience by straight away calling them out to sell online. Above the fold of the landing page is the hot place to begin with selling and you must focus on making a landing page as responsive as possible.

2. Demand their Attention

Use a prominent headline to grab your potential customer’s attention! A prominent headline in the right font style, contrasting colours and position can work like magic. But wait, most importantly the copy must make a difference too, if the content is not strong it may never motivate users to make a purchase.

The next steps will help you choose what to write and how to successfully sell online.

3. Backup your Headline

After creating a prominent headline, do not forget to add remaining details as headlines can be deceptive. If an ad copy only says ‘less wrinkles in 10 minutes’ it can be analysed in multiple ways by potential consumers. But a subheading saying, ‘look younger after every application.

This pair of description can target the right audience, the right way without creating any fake outlook of the offer.

4. Create Irresistible intrigue

Now that you know what you require its time to bring out the best. A captivating headline and subheading are the two most important things that you need once that you know your offer.

Whatever product or service you plan to sell, you need to first analyse how will this offer make the consumer’s life better? Or what options are consumers looking for related to these products and services? Thus, bring out your paper and pens and write away as many variations as you can.

Write headlines by addressing consumer’s fears, hopes and dreams as these are the best elements to create intrigue.

5. Put Spotlight on the Problem

People are much more motivated to move away from pain than they are to move towards pleasure. You as an online seller can generate revenue by using this psyche in your selling strategy. Write about how your product or service will help them move away from the problem that they are facing.  Create a story and inform them how someone got over the problem by using your product. Do not forget to be empathetic towards the consumers, tell them that you are equally concerned about their problem, know how it feels and wants them to get rid of it as soon as possible.   

6. Provide a Solution

What were you here for? To sell online. After putting light on the problem now suggest a clear solution! Tell your audience that how are your products and services the ultimate solution to their problem. With a clear problem and solution in your selling strategy – the ad copy- you will be able to attract many conversions. Let them know why your product is a better solution than any other products or service available in the market without being offensive.

7. Bring Out Credentials

Back your statements with credible statistics and let your consumers know that your products and services can be trusted. Share case studies, results achieved and your awards to motivate them to trust you. Once you address problems and provide solutions to your consumers in the ad copy, you play with their minds. This is the time when you can encourage them to make a purchase or subscription easily and to do that you’ve already read the strategy, use credentials. Make your products and services look like a good investment.

8. List Out the Benefits

Why would you choose to purchase something? Probably because it fulfills your need or makes your life better in multiple ways. With benefits clearly mentioned on the product or service page or the ad copy, you can easily trigger minds. Make them believe that without the product or services, they are missing out much. Defining all the features and benefits is the best strategy to sell online. Add bullets to make information more readable and increase retention. The key is to share features and corresponding benefits to actively sell online.

9. Social Proof

Third-party validation speaks louder than the original ad copy or landing page. This means that you need people to talk about your product and services in positive ways, but wait how will this get recognised? You may share third party blogs on your website to add credibility, similarly, you may add screenshots of customer added reviews that already exist. This instantly catches customer attention towards how your product or service has added value to their lives.

10. The Irresistible Offer

A catchy headline, subheading may be important to motivate consumers, but the main plan lies in the offer! The offer must be irresistible!

You know the problem, its solution and are ready to write catchy add copy, so now focus on the offer. The offer means the ad copy, what and how you make an offer. Use all the above-mentioned tactics to write an exclusive ad copy that triggers minds to make a purchase. The offer must be valuable and benefiting for the audience that you are targeting, only then will they think about making a purchase.

11. Stack Up the Value

You don’t just need to list down the benefits on the landing page sections but also incorporate them into the ad copy. You are responsible for raising the value of your products and services; create exclusive offers by adding features and benefits.

12. Reveal the Price

While putting forward an offer, reveal details and make your consumers realise the original price of the product. Gradually sum up all prices but then reveal a price that is cheaper than what you were preparing your consumers for. This surprising cheaper price reveals will motivate people to purchase the product instantly. Play with the price to play with people’s minds.

13. Include Scarcity

Make your offer look exclusive by adding expiry dates to it. This way consumers tend to make purchases within the date. Limited time offers are a great way to manipulate instant sales!  Want skyrocket conversions? Try out this technique and thank us later!

14. Call to Action

Straightaway tell your consumers what to do, clear and crisp words with the right command can do wonders! Don’t move them through loops of questions just give them a simple way of performing an action. This similarly works for landing pages, use prominent call to action buttons with crisp copy to make conversions straight and easy.

15. The Ending Note

Add an ending note to the remind your consumers about the offer and what they might miss if they don’t take an action now. You can also add reminders and warnings at the end to warn the audience about products running out.

Let’s now just sum up all that you need to understand about selling online.

  • Write an irresistible offer by using the right words and elements
  • Create a responsive landing page to enable conversions
  • Make call to action easy and accessible for users.
  • Remarket and keep reminding!

These are the points to focus on, by doing so, you easily sell online!

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