Content creation is an important thing that one needs to hold onto to promote its business, purpose or idea. With so much in hand and the desire to hit big in the digital world, content creators and marketers often do not plan to repost stuff they create. Whereas this is not just unfair to the wonderful content but also to the efforts that you put in while creating it.
The digital world is massive, and its reach can be beyond your expectations. Despite your content reaching out to thousands of followers, it still might be new to many. Resharing helps you target the other side of the audience that is new to your content.
But is resharing important for a better SEO? In terms of social media platforms, social sharing is often not considered as an SEO affecting factor, but better engagement surely does make things different. This is the reason why resharing content can help you rank well, but most importantly it can help you promote your content, get more leads and increase reach.
Resharing is surely good practice for SEO but wait! Do not spam users with your content, this may lead to users eventually unsubscribing or unfollowing your websites and social channels. With this guide, you will learn how to strategically reshare content to reach out big digitally!
Here is what you need to do:

Give Old Posts a Fresh Look

Compiling blogs in an evergreen manner can be highly beneficial and is one of the smartest ways to market content later.
You can open doors to more reach by revamping your existing blogs in a creative manner. Add new facts and statistics to make it new, rephrase chunks with better grammar and vocabulary to make it look fresh and up to date. By doing this, you can save ample time instead of writing a brand-new blog after extensive searching. This way the content will get a new edge for old readers to hook to it and the ones new to the blog will get to see a brand-new blog. You save time and you reach well, in simple words, this can be a win-win situation!

Reorganise Your Content

Social media content can be easily reshared by reorganising it. This means that you need to utilise the old content and its element to form new graphical layouts to reshare it. Moreover, you need to rewrite captions creatively to grab the user’s attention so that they find the reshared content as new as ever.

Social media can be easily used to reshare content not just by redesigning it but also by changing the set of audiences to make the right move. It is essential that you recreate content by keeping in mind the type of audience that you want to target.
Also, reshare blogs on social media with relevant creative captions to target masses and provide them with evergreen content which adds value to their knowledge. Furthermore, you need to rephrase blog titles and add new graphics and images to make things work.

Split Test

Being a marketer, you must be familiar with the term ‘split testing’. But for the rest, we are here to take you through the process. Split testing means creating samples of content and running in among different audiences to compare which one does great in terms of reach and performance.

When it comes to redesigning, recreating and resharing you content, you need to implement split testing to make sure which one of the posts bring in greater results. By this, you not just have to split test based on various designs but also based on audiences. By strategically resharing content using split testing, you can create great marketing strategies as all evaluation is then tried and tested.

Cross-Platform Resharing

Just as resharing among various sets of audiences is important, it is also important to reshare content on various platforms. You might just have been using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter most of the times, but there are other platforms too waiting for your content to be published.

By resharing content on new platforms, you can target a lot of new audiences and get much more leads. The key is only to optimise and redesign the content while sharing it on the new platforms according to the platform compatible formats and specific audience need.
Responsible resharing is an important part of your content marketing strategy which can bring great prospects for your business. By strategically resharing content, you can improve your search engine ranking as well as the content’s reach.
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