Impact of google algorithm updates on your website’s ranking and SEO

Google keeps updating its algorithm to give us a better search experience as well as to improve website-content rankings. The latest September 2019 Core Update is gaining all the webmaster’s attention due to its expected effects on the search engine optimisation and website rankings. Before knowing that how will google algorithm update impact your website rankings and search engine optimisation you need to know what September 2019 Core Update is all about!

September 2019 Core Update

The google algorithm update, ‘September 2019 Core Update’ is all about revising website rankings by reanalysing their content and proximity. The update will take some time to reveal its complete results and we may expect another google algorithm update by the time then. Such algorithm updates are being done by google to improve search rankings and give every website, webpage an equal chance to show up in the top lists if they have the right type of content that users are looking for. In other words, this is to improve Google’s system overall. But the question is how will the latest google algorithm update impact website’s ranking and search engine optimization? We have got the answer!

How will Google algorithm update impact your website’s rankings and search engine optimisation?
The latest google algorithm update may impact your website’s ranking and search engine optimisation in such ways:
Your website may start unexpectedly losing or gaining traffic and leads
Your website’s position may drop in the search engine rankings
Your website’s position may improve in the search engine rankings
You might now be looking for answers to how to fix my site or how to recover? Here’s how

Guidelines to fix lost traffic on your website

The question is how to recover? But google clearly says that there’s no fix! This means that you do not need to sit back and wait for the update to completely show its results but to act intelligently. Keep posting relevant well designed content according to the google quality rater guidelines, this will surely help you gain prominence over google.

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