Social Media Marketing is a great way to create brand awareness and build sales funnels. Social media is not just essential for businesses but also for personalities to endorse themselves. The social media platforms may seem easy to run but are critical. It can be often very difficult to increase organic reach on social media, but adequate strategies can help you do that.

For increasing organic reach on social media, you need to learn these easy strategies.

Decode Algorithms

Social media is not just Twitter or Facebook, but it consists of multiple platforms with different users and outreach. For increasing organic reach on social media, you need to decode algorithms for each platform that you decide to use. Here is what you need to know


The Facebook algorithm uses four parameters to analyse the piece of content published, which include signals, inventory, relevancy score and predictions. Similarly, content reaches out to more audience only when it receives a considerable number of likes, shares and comments. Thus, the goal is to get instant engagement so that the content becomes viral.


The Instagram algorithm works according to the user interest, post recency and user connections. Furthermore, the reach contributing factors include the usage of the Instagram profile, its search frequency and followings.


The Twitter algorithm ranks tweets according to the user’s interest based on its previous activity. The tweets are ranked as the ‘ranked tweets’, ‘in case you missed it’ and reverse-chronological order.

These mentioned algorithms are just a few among the frequently used social media platforms and to increase organic reach you surely need to decode these.

Engage with the Audience

Engagement is highly essential to reach out organically on social media. You need to actively engage your social media followers by asking them questions, answering their queries and running engagement campaigns. It is best to mention the user and use a friendly tone while answering them so that they know that they matter to you.

User-Generated Content

The most efficient way of gaining customer’s interest and increasing organic reach on social media is by using user-generated content. This means that businesses need to post content that tells their customer’s side of the story. This consists of authentic reviews posted by customers on social media.

The new wave of blogging and online influencers has helped businesses online to dramatically increase organic reach on social media and eventually boost sales. When bloggers and influencers with a great number of followers write positive reviews about your product or services, it reaches out to masses consequently increasing your organic reach on social media.

Optimise Profiles

Every social media platform is different from another; hence you need to improve and optimise your social media profiles accordingly. Firstly, need to keep your profiles updated with authentic contact information about your business and its aim. Secondly, optimise social media posts according to the platform that you are using; on Instagram do not add links in the post but use it in the profile bio to make it accessible, for Facebook everything works, but do not go beyond the image size layout limit. Similarly, for Twitter, you need to keep a track of the word count.

Act Smart

The strategy is to post unique, evergreen and helpful content, not 50 times a day but once or twice at the right time. Do not act desperate while planning or implementing a social media strategy but rather act smart and create the best possible content for the right times. Relax, plan and post, that’s all that you need to focus on!

Build Communities

With the emergence and growing popularity of Facebook groups, building communities has become a great way of increasing organic reach on social media. Not just this, building a community elsewhere on social media matters a lot.

You need to learn how to manage a community and be empathic towards your followers. When people will receive an empathic, friendly behaviour they will automatically share your content and refer you to their friends and family. Interaction on social media not just helps you build a community but simultaneously increases organic reach.

Try New Social Media Platforms

The social media world is not limited to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but the list is long, and it keeps updating. If you think that trying out new social media platforms is stupid, you are wrong, you never know which one becomes the new talk of the town. Thus. You need to keep experimenting with new social media platforms as you nay find a lot of potential customers there.

Social media can be critical in terms of increasing organic reach but with these strategies, your work can become a lot easier. Take actions of after another to analyse results and determine what suits your niche better, and you will soon master the art of increasing organic reach on social media.

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