LinkedIn is one powerful platform that provides multiple opportunities to over 630 professionals to connect, market and endorse themselves, their skills and their companies. With LinkedIn’s greater outreach, every 4 out of 5 members derive business decisions. It does not only provide paid advertising opportunities but also lets active business owners advertise their content the other way around. LinkedIn provides four paid marketing and advertising opportunities, each having its dynamic features and benefits.
This article will guide you towards LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising forms and their respective benefits.

1. Sponsored Content Ads

These are also known as native advertisements on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides its users with the opportunity to utilise 3 formats to market their brand or company:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel

These are readily used on LinkedIn by Business owners to advertise their products and services. These types of advertisements allow users to target highly engaging audience and drive ample leads. These advertisements enable advertisers to raise brand awareness and nurture their brand by involving active LinkedIn users. Moreover, the Sponsor Content Ad format let an advertiser build its ideal audience by using various filters and LinkedIn profile data.

2. Sponsored InMail Ads

This form of advertising is done to target a narrowed down audience that fits the criteria of being potential consumers or customers for the advertiser. Such advertising is done by sending personalised messages on the LinkedIn messenger, embedded with CTAs-call to action buttons. Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered to prospects when they are active, this increases the chances to gain attention.
These practices are used to boost registrations and drive conversions by targeting interest-based audiences. Persona targeting is another feature enabled by LinkedIn once a user chooses market via sponsored InMail ads. These advertisements are also a great way to promote content download such as white papers, eBooks, infographics etc.

3. Text Ads

Text Ads are the easiest form of advertising that LinkedIn provides its users with. These ads work by using PPC- pay per click format which means that an advertiser is only charged when other users click on the ad. By using this format of advertising, marketers can set budget and customise ads according to their needs.
Text ads are great to monitor and track impressions due to PPC enabled. In other words, LinkedIn provides complete customisation options to advertisers using the Text ad format, from choosing a targeted audience to formulating a budget plan, its all in the advertiser’s hands.

4. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic advertisements on LinkedIn are fully personalised ads. These advertisements change according to a person’s profile to target the user. These are tailored ads that automatically redesign according to a user profile to target them and enable lead conversion. Dynamic advertising options provide advertisers with multiple ad formats to choose from.
These ads are objective-based, and the impact can be measured and optimised easily. These ads are highly engaging due to the personalisation factors.
All marketing techniques and advertising formats on LinkedIn have their own benefits as mentioned above but lets just sum up LinkedIn Marketing and its Benefits:

  • Target Audience

No matter what advertising format you choose from, LinkedIn provides its advertisers with the choice of customising the target audience. LinkedIn serves as the best platform for B2B companies to advertise, and with audience customisation options the task becomes much easier.

  • Build a Reputation

LinkedIn is designed for professionals and companies to share their achievements and growth. By doing this in effective ways, any brand or company can build their reputation using LinkedIn. The goal is to vent out and share.
LinkedIn is also a great platform to rebuild lost reputation by bringing up facts and figures by targeting the right leads.

  • Business Relationship

By building a consistent online presence and enlightening the customers towards a brand and its achievements, a LinkedIn user and advertiser can easily build and maintain strong business ties. With solid business relationships and corporate support on LinkedIn, a brand or company can grow better.

  • Analyse and Optimise

LinkedIn lets its users and advertisers analyse their content outreach and optimise it to gain better results. An advertiser can analyse lead conversion and reach results easily by using LinkedIn’s lead conversion tools and later make changes to the campaign. This act of optimisation can far more increase the impact of the marketing campaign set on LinkedIn.

  • Lead Conversion

With targeted advertising and multiple formats, LinkedIn creates various possibilities for its advertisers to enable quality lead conversions. The advertisement design formats are embedded with CTAs to make conversion real-time and easy.
LinkedIn is a great platform for business to connect and endorse themselves. The platform provides multiple dynamic marketing formats, each having its own benefits to facilitate advertisers.
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