8 steps to make your site secure

Creating a website for your company or business can add value to it. An online presence makes your business look reliable and adds to its credibility. Moreover, a secure website is all that people need today to make online purchases and grow a business. Hence prioritising online security with a secure site is very important. Here are 9 important steps essential to make your site secure!

Choose an efficient host

You may find several hosting options while developing a website but must go for the one that provides your site with a secure outlook. Features like denial-of-service (DDoS) and web application firewall (WAF) provide you with a secure site. Where web application firewall protects your website’s backend from breaching, the denial- of-service helps you block unauthorised access to your site. These two features help you prevent your site from data loss.

Choose the right content management system

To construct your site and manage content in future you need a good content management system also known as CMS. This system helps you eliminate security gaps while designing your website.
These systems keep updating which means these are always ready to defend any security threats or hacking attempts of modern type. Many user-friendly CMS are there in the market that development easy along with future editing.

Use plugins wisely

Just like CMS, plugins also keep updating and it is highly important for you to cater updates. If you fail to do so after that you have used plugins, you open your website to security threats.
Alternately, if you’re planning to choose a plugin, choose wisely after considering their market reputation as well as revision history. You may utilise smart security plugins to provide your website the security that you need.

Do not give complete access

A very important practice when it comes to securing your website is to give different people with different degree of accessibility. This means that giving everyone equal rights of accessing your data or website can be a threat.
Separate logins for employees can help you save your website from damage in the hands of untrained professionals.

Implement passwords cleverly

Most often, easy to break passwords result in online data breaches which can severely damage your data and affect your business. To overcome this and make your site secure, it is essential for you to use complex passwords. By complex passwords we mean passwords that consist of characters, symbols as well as numbers besides just alphabets.
Another option to prevent hackers from hacking your site by decoding passwords is providing two factor authorization to your users.

Automatic Backups

Despite all the hard work, a secure site may also fall victim to server breaking down, hence all you may lose your data. Hence it is important for you to store your data at a trustworthy location as backup. By creating backups, you may be able to even identify the reason for server crashing down. Moreover, an automatic backup of your theme and data will save you from beginning from scratch if site is to be created again.

Keep up with the subscriptions

CMS and plugins may facilitate you a lot but if they are not updated on time, they may cause a lot damage to your site. This is because they then open to malware. To avoid this, it is important for you to keep your plugins and CMS updated within the subscription time. You may have to buy the update, but it is always worth it. Afterall who would like to put their secure site to an open threat.

Not to skip testing

Invest ample time in testing your website! This means that you should open each section of your site and look up for improvements and glitches. No matter how vigilant you might be while designing and programming your website to make it secure, you may have left something to be catered unintentionally. To avoid any lose gaps with respect to site security it is important to be tested thoroughly. Page redirections must be closely monitored and altered if changes are required.
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