Scent World

Fragrances are the final layer of effective attire. However, not everyone can afford to spend their whole income on expensive scents. Seeing this, our designers set out on a quest to make designer fragrances accessible to the average person.

TBC Solutions

TBC Solutions provides skillful medical billing and management services to make your medical practices and affiliated insurance matters hassle-free. We are a team of experienced Healthcare IT Solution Providers who have over time successfully developed a medical billing module that not just


Our training style prioritizes safety and injury prevention by enforcing the proper form, with the proper execution, of all movements. This allows our athletes to maximize their power output and minimize their energy consumption during the workouts, all while

Ultimate Plus

Established in 1997, Ultimate Business Plus & Optic Class Distribution Network has achieved its goal of becoming a truly vertically integrated eye care product manufacturing facility. We produce fashion and cosmetic lens in transparent and colour, plano and power.


Raj… A name synonymous with vogue, panache and self-expressive fashion.The brand by Ayesha Sarfaraz, is an inspiration to a skillful team of individuals that painstakingly work intricately down to the last stitch, to create an amalgamation of fashion and

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