How to remove a pop up/ shortcut virus from your WordPress website?

Has your site been brought down or been blocked for the audience due to frequent virus pop ups and malware threats? Has this led to loss of traffic over your website? Afterall who likes to invest their time in a good read for the sake of an unwanted malware.
Here are some hefty steps that can provide you a virus free website without any risk of data loss or future compromise on security.

Step 1:

The most important step to be followed before digging into the malware world is to Backup all your website data in time. This phase requires you to download database as well as your site files. All these can be easily downloaded manually or by using wide range of plugins readily available over the internet.

Step 2:

Access site’s files via FTP or SFTP and search for changes in plugins, themes, or core WordPress files. This change can readily be monitored using the last modified date once that you compare your previous backups.
Without further ado look up into the wp-includes folder and search for:
If found, this means that your site has been affected by malware since these files are not part of WordPress. These might have been added up by the hacker.
Delete these files as soon as possible.
Don’t forget to compare all your directories to see any changes or modifications in your files as well as code. If found, remove them as well, do not simply overwrite or modify.
Congratulations! Your site is now virus free. But the process does not simply end here, how can you leave your site at risk again?

Step 3:

Use Wordfence for free! This plugin provides an extensive security for your WordPress site. Wordfence plugin performs the following functions to provide you with a safer WordPress experience:

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