A successful social media campaign is all that a business needs today to market its brand and products. By using social media to market your brand, you can easily target a larger audience in short period. It usually becomes a common struggle for businesses to run such campaigns, hence this guide here tells you exactly what you need to know to run a successful social media campaign.
What does it require to run a successful social media campaign…?

Utilise Multiple Social Media Platforms

Social media is not just about running a page on Facebook, but it extends to many other domains. By using multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest you can target many diverse audiences. Each one of these social media platforms has its uniqueness in terms of content as well. Hence, you get a chance to use various types of content i.e. text, images, videos, stories, podcasts etc.
Similarly, not every platform is capable to bring leads for your business. A B2C set up may require a different social media platform in comparison with a B2B set up. This is because of difference in business needs and profit. Instagram may be great to sell a bubble bath but won’t be great to sell a malware detection software or commercial machinery.
By using multiple social media platforms, you can increase repetitive exposure which will certainly help users retain your brand image and facilitate them while deciding to make a purchase.

Stay Consistent!

It is essential for you to use multiple social media platforms to run a successful social media campaign, but the goal is to stay consistent over all these platforms. By this we mean that you must keep some important things similar throughout all your social media platforms. These important things include your username, name and display pictures. By doing so people can easily find you on various platforms and follow up.
Adding to this, the colour scheme must also be kept the same as per to maintain a similar perception in minds of users throughout social media platforms.
You may also keep similar about sections on all your social media handles. The cover photos or banners may be kept similar too but remember to resize them according to the desired layout without losing any important information or graphic while uploading them.

Bring Variety!

Stay consistent with your important details but remember to bring variety in the content you share. Your content may comprise of audios, videos, podcasts and stories to attract and engage people on social media. Likewise, the content should be divided in terms of type as well. This means that your content must not only consist of infographics or blogposts, but it must also consist of brand posts or other informative content. Users must see combinations of content being shared on your social media so that they do not get bored of monotony. A part of posts may consist of blogposts, another one may be of attractive brand posts whereas one may consist of sales centric posts. Such combinations of content type and genre keeps your social media handles active and full of engagement.

Use High Quality Images

Pixelated and blurry images leave a very bad impression on people who tend to see your content. A well-designed high-quality graphic can attract many people to your social media, moreover it can go viral!
If you are running a social media campaign for your business, high quality images can do wonders. Make sure to use the right angle and lighting to give your product an aesthetic look. But remember not to post deceiving imaging on your social media, specially to sell products.

Use the Power of Hashtags!

Many social media platforms today use hashtags to rank content on various spaces. Instagram and Twitter are among the most common ones that rank content according to the relevant hashtags used with the content. Hashtags can effectively increase your business growth and outreach on social media. The more your posts reach out to people on social media, the more chances of them getting engagement.

Build a Community

To build a community on social media means to facilitate your social media audience in most ways. Today, to build a community on social media is the easiest and smartest way of making your social media campaign a success. But how to build a community? Here are some easy steps to do so
Engage with your audience by replying to their comments
Be courteous while answering queries
Reply to inbox messages within shortest interval of time.
Build trust among your audience by providing them the right information
Run contests and giveaways to acknowledge your social media audience
By following such easy steps, you can build a long-lasting relationship with social media users, your customers and potential customers.

Repost customer feedback

To repost customer feedback is a way to show transparency and build trust among users. Moreover, this is an essential part of building a community. Once that you start reposting customer feedback you directly acknowledge them. This makes the users happy and you instantly motivate them to engage more on your social media.
An active and well managed social media campaign can add a lot more value to your business and brand. So, what are you waiting for? Start up your social media handles and bring your brand to life!

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