Social media platforms are innovative and let marketers and users try new ways of promoting their content. With changing trends of content marketing, motion graphics have recently gained a lot of popularity due to popular brands using these techniques. 65% of users are visual learners and motion graphics create greater opportunities for information retention than just text. Motion graphics not just help you engage well on social media but also increase information retention by 90%.
Now when the marketers have realised the importance of long-form content, motion graphics are denoted as important elements to make it look less dense and more engaging. Not just in the case of long-form content, motion graphics are an essential type of content that must be shared on social media. Motion graphics on social media are a great way to put forward your products and services. The techniques are innovative and attract social media users in a far better way than just images or text. It was determined that by using motion graphics on social media, marketers increased engagement by a good 55%.
To begin with, using motion graphics on social media, you need to learn the types and how to use them.

Using Motion Graphics on Social Media

With digital innovation, the world is now being exposed to multiple new media formats and motion graphics is among them. Do not confuse motion graphics with just videos and animations, there is much more to it that you need to know.
Following are the essential motion graphics types ideal to be used on social media:


The term GIF stands for graphic interchange format, but who cares about this, the world is going crazy after these. GIFs are widely being used all over the internet by people as they now share their thoughts and sentiments via GIFs. But why GIFs?
GIFs are looped short videos not more than 5 seconds in length. At first, GIFs were considered as unprofessional expressions but with multiple social media platforms jumping into the bandwagon, GIFs became common. Facebook, Twitter and other platforms now come with built-in GIF search engines from where users can easily choose the right looped video to express their feelings and emotions in a creative manner.


GIFs are easy to share type of media and have a lot of creativity involved. One can show their lighter and creative side by using GIFs as a piece of expression. But when and how to use this type of motion graphics on social media? Here is the answer:
✓ Use GIFs to show off products on social media.
✓ Gamify social media posts by starting a screenshot game

✓ Post relatable GIFs to make content go viral.
✓ Try animating data, to sum up information for better retention, demographics can be creatively shown by GIFs.
✓ Respond in style by using GIFs, use these to give instant replies to your followers on social media.


Cinemagraphs are not still images neither are they videos or GIFs. These are an innovative phenomenon that has made way on the internet through brands. Cinemagraphs are still images with just one moving element but give it the creative touch.

Cinemagraphs are commonly used by brands to give their products an innovative touch. The thought behind creating and sharing these motion graphics on social media is to create the right feeling associated with the product or brand. Cinemagraphs bring out the surprise elements of an image due to which these are popularly used by marketers and advertisers. But how and where to use cinemagraphs on social media?

✓ Show off products on social media by using cinemagraphs.
✓ Create the right feel, trigger emotions by utilising these.
✓ Upload sneak peek of products on social media before the launch.

Time Lapse:

Another form of motion graphics on social media popularly used are time lapse videos. These are highly essential to add drama to your social media presence. Marketers often find time-lapse videos as an ideal form of video marketing due to their dynamic formats.
Time lapse videos are often mesmerizing and are great to sum up long spanned works and progress. These act as a visual summary and create the right mood on social media. Companies can use these videos to promote a fast and efficient picture of their workspace by creating time lapse and posting them on social media. Here are some other possibilities for using time lapse:

✓ Construction or manufacturing videos
✓ Travel logs
✓ Storytelling videos
Visual marketing is a proven way to improve reach and engagement on social media. Above mentioned motion graphics are relatively popularly used on social media than others. Motion graphics on social media can increase brand awareness and further boost business online.
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