8 simple ways to create info graphics that can go viral

A monotonous textual blog can often bore the readers, this is when infographics come in hand. Infographics can break down larger information in short, which helps a reader or viewer to easily grasp data. Infographics if created the right way, can easily go viral!

But what are infographics anyway?

Infographics are a visual representation of data or information. In other words, an infographic is an image designed to display combinations of information in terms of graphs, charts, illustrations to minimise the usage of text. Infographics can be very helpful in displaying complex information in a less complex way. These increase a reader or viewer’s ability to retain information. However, creating infographics can be a little puzzling. With this guide you will get to know about some easy ways to create infographics that can go viral.

Do Research

Before that you start off with creating an infographic it is highly important for you to conduct a research related to your topic. Without gathering appropriate data and narrowing it down you may create an infographic with vague information which will possibly be of no use for the reader or viewer. Hence, conduct an exclusive research for your topic which can then be represented with the help of an infographic consisting of illustrations, graphs and other appropriate elements.

Focus on Design

After than you have once done your research and narrowed down your information, start analysing the design. Make up various plans to see how you might display your information using an infographic. Plan a design that makes your graphic stand out on web. Make sure that your design displays all important information, and nothing is left out.

Use Complimentary Colour Schemes

A great infographic must have a great colour scheme and that can only be achieved by using complimentary colours. Use opposite colour combinations to make things stand out in your infographic. If random or tones of similar colours are used, the infographic becomes less readable.

Font Type and Size Matters.

Without a readable font your infographic may never be able to convey the right message at right time. If your font type and font size are not readable, your infographic is of no use. Hence, it is essential for you to use large font sizes and bold text fonts.

Tell a Story

Do not just overload your infographic with data, make sure your infographic tells a story. Create relevant illustrations and use them on your infographic to give it a dimension. You can always use humanly figures in your infographic to attract more people to see it. Try creating a story, you may tell your brand story or even use insights to elaborate the outcomes of a certain case study.

Display crisp and concise information

Try to stay as concise with the information depiction as possible. This helps a user to retain it better. It is often prescribed that your infographic must not exceed more than 6 main points. Once you exceed the limit, you make it difficult for your viewer to understand and later retain information. Similarly, it is beneficial for you to use few sources of information that bulking your infographic with information from various ends.

Know the right size and layout!

Every social media platform has a different layout and supports a different size of image. This makes it vital for you to know the right layouts and sizes. Make sure your graphical elements are nicely aligned on the infographic so that if it appears to be fine when viewed on a smart phone.
A handy way to fit into all layout and sizes is to use a vertical layout to make your infographic. A vertical infographic also must not exceed a limit of 600 pixels horizontally and 1800 pixels vertically.

Use embedded codes

A great way to make sharing your infographic easy is to add an embedded code on it. This will help bloggers to easily repost your infographic on their blog!
Follow up on these tips to create great infographics that can go viral. Got any queries? Feel free to comment below…

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