Who does not want to run a successful online business with revenue dropping in like crazy? For this they need an e-commerce website with dynamic functionality and features, right? Well yes to some extent, but a high performing e-commerce website has much more in it than just features and functionalities. Want to know what? It’s the products that keep them active!
But this surely isn’t what you came to read, so here is the real answer. High performing e-commerce websites run with an innovative mix of features, functionalities and marketing, yes you have read it right!
Products and their marketing is something that brings traffic to an e-commerce website, so let’s break down the process to learn what high performing e-commerce actually websites do. But before that, let’s analyse some latest e-commerce trends which are as follows:
High performing e-commerce websites got significantly more paid search traffic.
High performing e-commerce websites got more mobile traffic.
With these revelations you must have got an idea to what to do next with your e-commerce website but hold on, there is more to it! Here is what you need to know to make your e-store a high performing e-commerce website:

Online PR And Bragging with Social Proof

everything going digital these days we still tend to look around for people’s views to purchase a product or choose an experience for us. Similar trends have been seen online, thus, you can easily use PR and social proof to promote your products from the user’s end. You need the right marketing mix to make your brand and its products reachable for online masses.

Hire celebrities or influencers to promote your brand from their respective social media channels as per to manipulate follower’s minds. Similarly, choose to promote social proof and show people who has been using your products and what are the reviews.

Efficiencies of Scale

Business students are much familiar with the term ‘economies of scale’ which suggests that as the volume of production increases, cost per unit decreases. In the case of revenue increasing per unit, we call it ‘efficiencies of scale’.

a limited range of products can cater to bigger sales and website traffic. but why is that so? This is because several users fetching for products might land on similar pages significantly increasing the traffic and later sales.
This mechanism also triggers search engines to rank e-store with better traffic and credibility, consequently increasing sales and revenue.


For a high performing e-commerce website, the number of sessions per user was incredibly greater than others. This means that users who choose to make sales from an e-commerce website tend to visit it greater times than usual. To make things work for your website, you need to remarket products and provide users with easy channels to reach the purchase page.

The core role of the marketer is to create an elegant journey for the users to get motivated to make a purchase and for this, you need to make them feel valued. By remarketing you hit the right potential audience at the right time, and this eventually results in sales.

Social Transaction

As mentioned before, you need the right marketing mix to convert your e-store into a high performing e-commerce website. To reach out big, you cannot just ignore social media, can you? Most among the high performing e-commerce websites were getting ample traffic from their socials. Out of this traffic, the majority were purchasers which means that quality traffic came from social media.

The best practice here is to market your products on social media and direct users to the landing page where the purchase can be made possible instantly. Marketers that know how to effectively market on social media have been able to make great business online. In other words, socials can create high performing e-commerce websites by providing them with great traffic and revenue.
E-commerce websites can be complex but with great user experience and product marketing, these can make big revenues for businesses of all niches. Just the right marketing mix, a mobile responsive version, some paid ads and there you go, you can efficiently run your e-store as a high performing e-commerce website.
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