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Lately, YouTube has provided its creators and advertisers with great opportunities of monetization. You may find multiple ways to make money from YouTube, but Advertising remains the above all. Video advertising and traditional advertising stands out among other monetization options due to more chances of generating greater revenue. But how to get started with it?
To start earning on YouTube, you need to follow the following steps to become eligible.

Accept the YouTube Partner Program policies

Enter the YouTube Studio and select Monetization. YouTube will further guide you to accept YouTube Partner Program terms. These terms consist of YouTube’s community guidelines, AdSense policies and Terms of service.

Set up an AdSense account

You must have an AdSense account to begin with monetization. If you already have one, integrate the existing AdSense account, if not, create a new one to enable payments.

Set preferences

YouTube provides you with a choice to choose how ads may appear on your videos. Similarly, it allows you to select the type of ads as well as which videos to monetize.

Wait to get reviewed

Once that you have signed up for monetization, you will have to wait till YouTube reviews your channel to see whether it is eligible for monetization.
After reading these steps you might now have a lot of questions to ask, here are all your answers.

How to become eligible for YouTube Monetization?

Firstly, you must be from a country or region where YouTube Partners Program is available. Your channel must have 1000 subscribers with more than 4,000 watch hours in past 12 months. Moreover, your content must not violate any YouTube’s community guidelines as well as AdSense policies.

What are YouTube community guidelines?

The community guidelines presented by YouTube are simple to follow. Your videos must not depict any obscenity in terms of nudity. Similarly, violent and harmful videos are a big no on YouTube. One must also not violate someone’s privacy or copyrights with their videos uploaded and no one shall be a subject to harassment or threat.

What are AdSense policies?

AdSense policies state that no one shall use invalid clicks or impressions on their content. Google and YouTube may not place your ads on websites that have previously been subject to abusive behaviour or any privacy violation. Similarly, website behaviour matters for AdSense, if a website is not secure or has been reported for some spammy activity, your ad won’t be placed. AdSense also gives importance to user and user consent, hence if users find your ad inappropriate, AdSense will have to take certain actions as a response to their concerns.

How long does it take YouTube to review a channel for monetization?

Once that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions to join the YouTube Partners Program and meet the eligibility threshold, it may take a month or so till you start earning. All such applications are processed in a que which means you must wait till your turn comes. At times, an application may take more than a month to be processed due to multiple reasons such as increase in number of applications that YouTube may have received or your content might need a lot of time to be reviewed.

How does YouTube place ads in a video?

YouTube video ads are placed on AdSense auction basis. Which means that advertisers bid to get their desired ad slots on their desired videos.

How does YouTube calculate my earnings once that monetization has begun?

YouTube uses CPM and CPC to calculate a channel’s earnings.
CPM stands for cost per mille, which means cost per thousand. YouTube checks the number of views of more than 30 seconds on videos to pay its creators accordingly. For every thousand that you achieve, you get paid according to your country’s payment criteria.
CPC on the other hand, means cost per click. This criterion is set for ads that are placed elsewhere on webpages rather than video ads. The revenue generated from these is calculated according to the number of clicks these ads receive.
No one really knows the payment criteria of YouTube, although it is believed that Google keeps 45% of the revenue generated from advertiser’s side and pays its creators 55% of it.

If monetization begins, when and how will I get paid?

Once that monetization is enabled on your channel, you will get paid after every month. But the payments may take almost 30 days before they get transferred into your AdSense account. All payments are done transferred on your AdSense account hence, make sure you have one before applying for monetization on YouTube.
Hope that this guide answered all your queries related to YouTube monetization. More stuff to ask? Comment below!

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