Exploring YouTube Monetization Options Beyond Video Advertising

Advertising on YouTube requires you to have thousands of subscribers as well as a watch time consisting of 4000 hours or more. Monetization through advertising on YouTube is easy but not everyone is a celebrity with thousands of subscribers, hence alternate ways of monetization on YouTube can help many users who want to earn through YouTube but are not eligible to video ads.
YouTube has launched multiple options to enable monetization besides video advertising for as many users as possible. These ways might not be as profitable as YouTube video advertising but are still worth the try.
You might not have heard of many options to monetize on YouTube, but this guide here has got you covered! Here is all that you need to know about ways of monetization on YouTube beyond advertising.

Super Chat

YouTube has made creator’s life easy by adding Super Chat feature on live streams. This feature enables your viewers to pay a certain amount to pin their comments on your live stream. Viewers are exposed to multiple features depending on the amount they choose to send; these features include special emojis as well as coloured text styles. Viewers on YouTube get all the freedom to select how much amount do they want to send.
Your viewers can pin their comments for up to five hours! This feature allows anyone to pin anything but only with the creator’s permission. With YouTube Super Chat, viewers can send up to $500. Whereas the amount you get as creator is almost 60% of the total Super Chat revenue, this is due to YouTube’s policies depending on viewer’s location, service fees, sales taxes and other area charges.


You can now make money by selling merchandise online using your YouTube channel! YouTube has enabled this feature for content creators to sell merchandises to their viewers. At first when merchandise feature was enabled for US, the channel eligibility criteria was 10,000 YouTube subscribers. But for now, this feature can only be enabled if you have signed into YouTube beta and it shows that your channel is eligible.
You can sell customised merchandises via YouTube by using approved external websites or merch shelf. With integrated Teespring, this feature provides creators with $1 whenever a purchase is made. Currently no policy indicates how much of the sales ratio does YouTube charge.

Channel Membership

YouTube has enabled paid subscription for viewers for eligible channels. If you have 10000 subscribers, you can enable this feature on your channel. Subscribers who buy membership worth $5 are then to be incentivised by the content creators. Such incentives can be exclusive video content which is only visible to the members rather than other subscribers. You will also have to design custom emojis as well as badges and make them available for subscribers who have purchased membership of your channel.
For this feature, YouTube retains 30 percent of sponsorship revenue after local sales tax is deducted, but covers all transaction costs, including credit card fees.


By enabling crowdfunding on your channel, you enable your viewers to send money to support you or your cause. You must have 30,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to enable this feature. Moreover, you will only be allowed to integrate YouTube approved crowdfunding sites to raise money for your channel or a cause. Up till now there is no public policy of how much will YouTube retain out of the crowdfunded revenue.
These features have surely added to content creator’s revenue generation from YouTube. Hope this guide has answered many of your basic queries related to monetization, if you still have anything to ask, feel free to comment below!

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