Server breaks down due to various cyber threats and attacks are much common these days. The cyberspace provides us with multiple prospects to create creative WordPress websites, but these cyber threats often leave the site’s security compromised. Whenever a server gets attacked, all websites hosted on the server go down and at times are completely unable to retrieve despite having an updated back-up. These days one of the common issues that webmasters come across is Open Stream Error that makes the WordPress website unable to load.
You need not to worry, we have found an easy way to regain a WordPress website after an Open Stream Error occurs. Here is what you need to do!
Download this Zip folder to begin the process.

This folder contains all the clean and safe WordPress and library files you require to fix for your failed WordPress website.
Next, enter the File Manager of the affected WordPress website from the cPanel, here you need to upload the downloaded Zip folder.
Upload and extract all the WordPress files from the Zip file into the File Manager, this process will replace all the infected broken files with new clean WordPress files, whereas the wp-content file remains the same. This means that all the WordPress website content and functionalities remain the same, what else do you need?
Now delete the Zip folder from the File Manager once that all files are overwritten successfully.
Test run the website to see if it’s working fine.
There you go, you have successfully made the WordPress website live again!
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